Monday, January 11, 2010

Checking in ...

I feel like the young Catholic boy I used to be kneeling in the confessional on a Saturday afternoon: “Father it has been three weeks since my last confession.” But it’s been far longer than that since I’ve posted and I have nothing like a confession to make, except for the fact that I haven’t been writing, not from a lack of something to write about exactly but more from a decision to keep it to myself.

Living in this foreign land has become less foreign, less strange, something akin to routine has crept into my life and HH’s. We wake early, bathe, go to school, do our respective work for the day and meet up again in the late afternoon. There is play and eating together at the kitchen table, brushing of teeth and bedtime stories, something to write about perhaps but the rhythm of it has lulled me into complacency. I’m tired at night by the time I’ve put him to bed, sorted out the wash, and done the dishes. I’m too tired most nights to do much of anything else but crawl into bed with a good book and wait for my eyes to become heavy and finally drift off to sleep.

Something will catch my eye in the coming days, something I haven’t seen before or haven’t looked at closely enough to realize how interesting it really is. There are things I could have written about, difficult things, unsettling things, life-wracking things but I won’t be writing about them here at least not any time soon. For now, I’ll just say hello to those of you who still follow this story of ours and thank you for your time and interest and hope to see you again.