Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Day in the Garden

Yesterday we worked in the garden. It was a full day of pruning and planting bulbs and watering and clearing away the debris of summer’s end. HH was there, digging and watering and occasionally spraying a passerby. He has great fun in the garden and likes to be a part of it all. The whole neighborhood was out because these are community gardens, so there were big boys for him to watch and work with and I expect that fact was much on his mind. Today we will visit his Oma and I expect we will spend time in her garden, drawing water from the old well out back. He will probably have a good deal to tell her about his own garden and may have a few pointers for her. Yesterday he learned how to plant a bulb with the small end sticking up. He learned this from one of the neighbors and when I came to sit with him in the dirt he showed me how to do it properly and he was quite proud of himself, as he should be. He is growing and changing so fast and at times I wonder if I am quite ready for it.

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