Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dreams ...


I’ve been laying awake in bed for about an hour and for an hour before that I was struggling with sleep. For the last few nights my dreams have been troubled and sleep brief. Last night and the night before I dreamt of work, the dreams were straight-forward anxiety dreams. I’m in the studio or on the set and I’m being asked to do something I’m not comfortable with. It’s a situation I’ve faced before and will likely face again. In last night’s dream I’m having a meeting with a big name director who remarks casually that the moon is full and beautiful that night and asks if I’ve brought a camera along. Of course I didn’t bring a film camera to the meeting, nor have I set anything up for a shoot, but soon things start to snowball and before you know it we are setting up lights and shutting down business districts, closing streets and warning shopkeepers to keep their doors closed. The cameraman is working himself into a frenzy and all because of a simple comment made in passing. Finally the head of the studio comes to me and tells me to shut the madness down. We have disturbed the entire studio and surrounding community with our activity and he is furious.

His Holiness just fell out of bed.
I heard a big thud in the other side of the apartment and I knew instantly it could only be one thing. Since moving into this apartment HH has been sleeping in a real bed. We set chairs against the open side of the bed each night, but somehow he managed to slip into the slim space between the upper corner of the bed and the chair and came crashing down. It’s a fairly tall bed so the fall can hurt. I held him for a moment while he cried it out, more frightened than hurt, and now he’s sleeping again, thankfully. We had a long day yesterday and he is very tired. We continue to look at apartments and yesterday we were back In Sulz looking at a terribly modern space with marble floors throughout and low ceilings - it was ghastly. HH loved riding on the trains but the odd hour caused him to miss most of his naptime. Later in the evening he and I went out for a walk in the Quarter. The streets were full of holiday shoppers and everywhere there were lights and bright colors. The most striking feature of the night however was the moon (the same moon that made an appearance later in my dream) full and quite dramatic against the gray winter sky. We stopped three times to admire the sky and when we got home HH told Mama all about it, “moon … sky.” I think she got the picture.