Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain reigns in the Knuckleheads

The election is drawing near and as I wrote in my last post, the campaign has gone negative - Obama’s campaign is now running about 30% negative ads and McCain about 90%. The McCain crowds have become increasingly hostile and vocal in recent days, claiming Obama was a terrorist and a liar. Then yesterday, John McCain, at one of his Town Hall meetings, was taking questions from the audience. People made comments that they were afraid of Obama and that Obama was a Muslim. Instead of egging them on McCain set them straight – he said he respected Obama even though his disagrees with him and that Obama is not a Muslim and is a good citizen and that people should not fear him or his presidency should he be elected. That was the John McCain I thought was running, a man with whom we may have disagreements but a person of honor. I was relieved to hear what McCain said about Obama and I hope his supporters will listen as well. Maybe McCain has begun to reign in the knuckleheads who have turned his campaign so negative. Some good news is welcome these days - and this is good news.