Sunday, June 08, 2008

Greener Grass

Talk about counting the days down!

There must be a name for the phenomenon, where you begin to dislike the place you’re in because you’re about to be somewhere else. It’s something akin to justifying a failure of loyalty to your mate by nitpicking the small failures of the relationship until you convince yourself you’re doing the right thing by taking up with someone new. Well, maybe not quite that bad.

I like it here in Cologne just fine, even though the locals have been in a particularly rowdy mood of late. The consumption of beer in my flowerbeds has reached an all-time high. It will be a nice change to renew the garden in upstate New York and have only deer and the rascal who lives under the rock at the end of the driveway to contend with. Between them they consume a good deal of flowers but as I tell HH when he suggests we build a fence around the flowerbeds, “They were here before we were.” The same goes for my new neighbors here in Cologne. They have been drinking themselves silly for generations and if they haven’t any particular regard for green things in public spaces, then there isn’t much I can do to change that.