Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6

I am desperately trying to stay connected, alive, to find something amazing in this new world … It was so easy in Manhattan, all I had to do was step out on the back porch and look up at the Empire State Building and I instantly felt plugged in – it was a lazy connection I admit but that was part of the bargain … living in that tiny charming space in the far west village and paying more than any reasonable person in the free world would have ever imagined … but there was that indescribable satisfaction that I frequently acknowledged … about how wonderful it felt to be just there in that place .. . I remember one summer night in particular, sitting back and singing to myself, “If I could close my eyes and imagine a perfect world, it would look just like this, and it would feel just like this, and life would go on like this, everywhere, all the time.”
View from the back porch ... Posted by Picasa