Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February 7, 2006

I've just learned I will be returning to New York in early April for an extended stay. I have work to do in America that will take me away from His Holiness for almost two months. Tonight when I put him to bed he was full of beans … energetic and funny and charming … and irresistible of course. He persuaded me to read him three stories instead of the usual two and the third story was one that always gets to me and it got to me hard tonight. The book is called “Taxi Dog” and it tells the story of a New York City stray named Maxi who finds the taxi driver of his dreams and the two of them ride through the Gotham I know and love and clearly through the Gotham that the writers of this children’s book knew and loved as well.
HH has also taken to sitting on my lap while I read him his bedtime stories. I don’t know where this idea originated, but for the last two weeks or so he has requested the hot seat and why would I refuse? So here we are, the two of us, HH stretched out on my lap, his dingy white blanket wrapped around him and “baby” his far dingier brown bear on his shoulder. When I finished reading “Taxi Dog” with it’s descriptions of New York City streets and buildings I was almost weeping … HH settled down into his bed, waved goodbye and blew me a sloppy kiss. I told him I loved him and he replied, “ I love you too” although I am not sure he has any idea what the words mean or what effect they have on me. I don’t know how I will survive the time away from him.