Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Channeling Berlin ...

From today's New York Times ...

Berlin on the L Train

"Berlin is like New York City in the 1980s," Denny Lee
recently declared. "Rents are cheap, graffiti is everywhere
and the air crackles with a creativity that comes only from
a city in transition." Tonight, Brooklyn -- which also has
creative energy, graffiti and cheap(er) rents, thank you
very much -- channels Berlin. The German-born artist Jim
Avignon has curated a program of performances in honor of
"Europe Day" (their July 4th); the direct-from-the-Continent participants include D.J.'s,
dramatists, musicians, painters and the Austrian theremin
star Dorit Chrysler (now a New Yorker). Next up:
Williamsburg night in Mitte?
8 p.m., Galapagos, 70 North
Sixth Street (Kent Avenue), (718) 782-5188; $10.

"Europe Day":


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Blogger Lynda said...

It is exciting to hear how Berlin is progressing. I last visited in 1994 (I think) - a friend gave me an amazing tour of a city with a split personality. I can't even imagine how those seams have started to fade now. Berlin has always been the 'naughty girl' of Germany... might be time for another visit.

2:35 AM  

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