Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Pendant

You’ve never seen and ad on my blog even though I receive about one request a week to post or link or mention some product or service here. I don’t have anything against the practice; I’ve just never had the inclination to try it. Then a few months ago, I received an email from a woman who represented herself as the owner of a small business that made jewelry. She offered to send me a sample of my choice if I agreed to mention the line in a blog post. There was no script or logo placement requirement, nor did she ask that I post only favorable comments, just a straight-forward request to look at the piece and comment. So I looked though her line, placed the order and waited. As promised the piece arrived a few days later and I left the box on my dresser for a long time before I opened it – life was a bit messy at the time and I didn’t get around to it until a few weeks ago.

It was a pendant, a simple topaz colored cut stone with the circumference of a small grape and the thickness of a Hershey Bar that hung from a delicate silver chain. Resting in its box, the pendant appeared unspectacular, but as with anything that is meant to be worn on the body, you never know if it “works” until you put it on.

I gave it to a woman with collarbones to die for and when she draped it around her throat, it was as if the stone became animated by its proximity to her skin. The cut and color of the stone against the shapes and lines and color of her skin had the effect of focusing the attention to her face, it was subtle, just a soft flash of color, a twinkle, but the effect was powerful. The funny thing was that she had recently taken to wearing necklaces again, after a period of abstinence from jewelry of almost every kind. She had recently purchased a number of pieces, and I had been under-whelmed by them. This piece worked and it didn’t cost any more than any of the other pieces she bought. I must say that it might not have the same effect on another neck, against a different set of collarbones or a different shade of skin, but it worked on hers.

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