Friday, January 15, 2010


If you have ever visited Haiti, you might have some idea of the magnitude of the problem the people there are facing today. Even then, the suffering is unimaginable. We can only hope that the world will rally to quickly organize the water, food, shelter and medical assistance that is needed. I worked with one of these organizations in 2003 and spent some time in Haiti. I learned today that their staff survived the earthquake and they are doing what they can to bring relief. This is a small organization that concentrates on delivering medicines and basic survival materials to people and they have been working in Haiti for decades. I've included their contact information below because one often wonders if the donations we make ever reach the people who really need them. This is a good group - they are on the ground and they know what they're doing.

Catholic Medical Mission Board is asking for monetary contributions. Donations can be made by sending checks, payable to CMMB-Haiti, to CMMB, 10 West 17th Street, New York City, New York 10011, or by calling 1 (800) 678-5659. Pledges can also be made via the CMMB Web site,, or by a direct web link: Donated medicines and medical supplies are also being accepted by CMMB. To make these donations, contact Kathy Tebbett, at 1 (212) 242-7757.



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