Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HH at four

HH is four years old today.

We've just returned to Germany after an extended stay in America and although he seems to be happy to be home he hasn't yet started speaking German again. Like Papa, he has forgotten much of the language we both spent the last year struggling to acquire. Perhaps I should say, that I have struggled to acquire while he seems to pick it up like the series of head colds and other assorted illnesses that spread through kindergarten like spores on a spring day.

He'll be up soon and there are two presents waiting for him on the kitchen table and a few more awaiting his return from school later this afternoon. I have to resist the temptation to fill the room with toys - it's not easy. He told me yesterday that now he is a big boy and can no longer play with the younger child across the street. I reminded him that his little friend Max was also getting older each day and he seemed to understand, although he's really excited that he is now four and he has figured out how to curl his hand and tuck his thumb into his palm as he holds up his four fingers to show the world how grown up he is.

Today isn't just another day- for him or for us - and even though we are rushing to move into a new apartment on Friday and the packing is furiously proceeding, today we will pause and give him his due and we will relish it as well. How can these our years have gone by so quickly?

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Blogger christina said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boy! Have a wonderful day.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Rositta said...

I have no idea how fast the years go by so fast. It seems like yesterday when I was made Oma for the first time and they are now 22, 20, 17 and the new baby is already 4 months old. It seems like yesterday when they were all born. Happy Birthday to HH...cia

6:13 PM  
Blogger Berlinbound said...

Christina and Ros:

It was a great day ...thanks for the greetings.

5:04 AM  
Blogger EHDKD said...

İt seems like yesterday when we were walking in the streets of Manhattan with HH sleeping comfortably hanging in on your chest... 4 years...
Happy Birthday big boy! (and welcome back)

7:20 PM  

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