Monday, January 16, 2006

There is a God ...

And today he showed his benevolence to me. His Holiness and I were running errands in the freezing - and I mean frosty, exposed body parts dropping off cold – early morning hours here in Cologne, when I happened to see a hand-lettered green sign above a small store front which read, “NY Bagels.” Well, the thought of a hot toasted poppy seed bagel slathered in cream cheese was more than I could resist so I went in and ordered and two minutes later SHAZAAM! the bagel was terrific! Apparently they are flown in frozen each day from New York City and I’m telling you – you couldn’t tell the difference between the bagel I had today and one I might have picked up on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.
Thank you Supreme Being, for showing mercy on this homesick New Yorker on this cold winters day here in the heart of Brotchenland.


Blogger christina said...

Excellent! Now that's what I call divine intervention. There's a chain in Germany called Bagel Brothers and we tried their product at a friend's house and found them to be quite good. But never having had a 'real' New York bagel (as opposed to a plain old made-in-Vancouver one), I'm probably not the best judge.

So glad you found a little piece of heaven today. :-)

9:33 PM  
Blogger Cathy said...

And the bagel saves the day! :)

1:54 AM  
Blogger J said...

I haven't had a bagel in years.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Chloe said...

thank god for the universal gift of bagels!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Berlinbound said...

We ate there again today ... We will probably need a few days of it to get the proper bagel-level back in our bloodstreams!

8:07 PM  
Anonymous lillian said...

u just gave me an idea for a post. Some guests brought us a whole set to make swiss cheese fondue.. I can't wait to try it out tomorrow....Little things like this make a BIG diffrence !

1:57 AM  
Blogger Tania said...

Mirabile dictu!

5:53 PM  
Blogger jen said...

you are so lucky. Man, what I wouldn't give for a decent bagel! Seriously, devine intervention.

4:14 PM  
Blogger gina said...

hey! like your blog. i have distant cousins in koln and used to live in kaiserslautern myself. now in SC.
seems like you are getting along well-gonna go read some of your old stuff. :)

4:08 AM  

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