Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Four in the morning soup

There is music in my mind
Songs of others
I try to remember what I dreamt last night
Because I solved our greatest problems
Vanquished anger and doubt
Swam Einstein’s trail untethered
Saw it all so clearly
A minor alteration was all that was needed
Saying yes
Saying yes
In the face of anger and loss
Mine ours
Yes, that’s it
Now I remember
I woke to the music
And then I made some soup
To keep at bay the cold that arrived last week
Slipped up on us it did
Right behind the sunshine it was waiting
My beans were soaked and ready
Four in the morning soup
Before the rest of the town is up my soup is cooking
For the coming nights
When my family comes back to me
Cold and hungry
Yes I’ll be ready
Yes I’ll fill them up



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