Saturday, January 12, 2013


Oh, the stilled voice
My child
So fresh to love
And only love
Pain was not her lot
Neither fear nor even dreams of death
But mother, father
We feared these things
From that first breath the parent fears
From that first step the parent moves
To break the fall, smooth the way
Shield the eyes from too bright life
I cannot dream this
I cannot bear this
I cannot face this passing
There is no joy that washes it
No consolation fierce enough
No reason, time or revenge that will do
I cannot walk into his room  
I cannot hold that bear or princess close
And smell her tears
Or face that book we knew
He was my breath
She was the life of life
I cannot mourn this passing
I cannot dream or wander in my thoughts
It will not heal this wounded part
It never will
How long will I wait for him

January 12, 2013

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Anonymous Ralph said...

I spent many happy childhood summer vacations at a family house near Lake Zoar; I remember walking down Riverside Road to Sandy Hook with my cousins to buy jelly doughnuts, picking blackberries all the way.

And now this.... I have no words to describe my feelings. The shootings are literally "unspeakable" and nothing comes close to describing their horror.

2:23 PM  

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