Thursday, December 15, 2005


December 15, 2005

Last night was the Weinachtsfeir at Carl Duisberg Center, the language school I’m attending in Koln. All the classes put on some sort of show, I played and sang “Amazing Grace” and others danced or sang. It was great fun. Maybe I’ve just lucked out – but German school – at least this one – is terrific.

I must also admit to pinching myself now and then about how much I like it here in Cologne. Far from being a disappointment, I am finding this city to be a real pleasure. The Belgian Quarter has just the right balance of busy street life and quiet neighborhood sidewalks. I’ve begun a relationship with my local metzgerei (butcher) she is very forgiving of my halting German and I count her as the first block in building a network of neighborhood services. Last weekend I went shopping at the outdoor Bio market a few blocks away and found everything I wanted … It was just as good as the Union Square market I’ve been shopping at for years in Manhattan – and it’s closer to the apartment!

The apartment is another matter … we decided against the space in Sulz – mainly because we have fallen totally in love with this area – but also because there are other spaces we have seen that we like better. I can’t get over the number and quality of available spaces in Koln … We are looking at more spaces each week but even if it take a year we are ok – the apartment we are in now is comfortable – even if it is a fourth-floor walk-up.

HH has an intestinal bug … Yesterday morning while we were looking at pictures from home, he vomited all over me and the couch and the floor and the hall … so he and Mama went to see one of the Pediatricians that had been recommended to us. Mama was very pleased with the Doctors and the care HH received. He is on the mend and I expect to hear him plop out of his bed any moment now and come padding down the hall looking for me … Yesterday was the first day in over a week that he didn’t go to the carousel. I expect that he will be well enough to resume his regular spot this evening … although we will have to withhold the post-ride treats (french fries, wurst, pizza) on doctor’s orders …

More anon … I hear rumblings.


Blogger christina said...

Sounds like you're settling in nicely. In times like these having a butcher you can trust is VERY important. I suppose you've been reading about all the meat scandals in Germany lately.

Your Christmas party sounded like lots of fun. A friend of mine worked for the CDC in Hannover and quite enjoyed it, I think.

Get well soon to HH! Poor little guy. Having a good pediatrician is also important.

(and just as an aside and meant in the nicest of ways - it's Weihnachtsfeier with an 'h' in the middle and another 'e' before the final 'r'. I find if you don't catch the mistakes in the beginning, they tend to get fossilized and stay with you forever)

2:40 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Good to hear that you are settling in some more. It seems that the move just isn't a black and white situation and I think that's good and to be expected. Hope the German is coming along well.. I wish I was going to be able to take an intensive class or two in the beginning but it won't be possible. I'll have to settle for German Light until a little later.

Take care and hope HH is back on his feet soon!

10:17 PM  

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